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Recommended Play

Teams 2+
Players per Team Any
Field Open
Marshals Optional
Objectives Be on the last standing team
Protect your teammates
Fight your opponents


Captains may be assigned to choose teams with equal numbers of people. Otherwise, teams may be assigned in a way that balances skill levels between teams.


The teams fight, and when all living combatants are on the same team that team wins. No field boundaries except for safety purposes.

The dead don't strategize. Dead combatants cannot make comments on strategy and tactics that can be noted by living combatants. The dead may cheer and heckle, usually.

Mook Chivalry

If a team has only one living combatant left, they may request mook chivalry from their opponents. If accepted, each opponent must duel them, one at a time, immediately after one another, without interference from other combatants. If there is interference, everyone turns on and kills the combatant who interfered. This rule must be enforced by combatants, not marshals.

Related to, but separate from, an honor battle.

Friendly Fire Off

When a combatant hits their teammate, the teammate does not need to take the hit. This variation is rarely played, as it encourages sloppy fighting.

Rogue Call

Every shot to an unaware combatant must be called loudly by damage type. Otherwise the combatant does not need to take the hit. This can enforce honorable communication habits by stealthy fighters.

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