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Fighter Information

Name: Ferrum
Titles: "Forgeborne", "The Gold Hearted"
Actual Name: Andrew
Gender: Male
Race: Construct / Living Statue
Realm: Abraxas
Realm Rank: Member
Unit: N/A
Primary Fighting Style: Sword & Shield, Spear
Handedness: Right
House: N/A
Fighting Since: August 2019

Other Information


Events Attended

Obsidian Harvest 2019 Okfest 2019


Originally a normal (if finely crafted) statue in the likeness of a much larger than normal warrior with stout dwarven features, made of the strongest metal alloys the fine craftsmen of clan Hammerfist could produce. The statue was primarily created by Bigbi Hammerfist after years of effort plying his expertise in forging as an offering to finally celebrate peace with a rival clan - the Anvilbreakers. So proud of his creation was the smith that he hand forged a heart of literal gold to put in the statues's chest. The two clans had previously been bitter business rivals, and far from allies in battle for many past generations. while there had never been any direct conflicts or Grudges between them, relations were strained at best. As a symbol of their new alliance and gratitude The anvilbreakers displayed the statue in their great hall proudly. After several weeks, for reasons seemingly unknown the statue suddenly awoke fully sentient but devoid of purpose. Naturally this caused a stir among the Dwarves of clan Anvilbreaker who immediately shouted of treachery from the Hammerfists and attacked the Construct. Cornered and confused the being who would be Ferrum fought back and held off several of the clan's warriors. it was Bozzy Anvilbreaker who in the chaos of surprise combat first noticed that the giant metal creature was not seeking blood, but seemed to fight in a defensive manner and in a tense moment called for a hold to the fighting. It was Bozzy who first spoke to the creature and learned that he was not a threat and furthermore was just as confused as the dwarves he found himself surrounded by. The Construct and the dwarf became fast friends, and the dwarf spent much time teaching Ferrum what he could of the world and his trade.

On a larger scale: the shock of their "gift" springing to life strained the relations of the dwarf clans and while neither side broke any of the accords set down by their brand new treaty, friendship and cooperation were hard to find between the two. Over the coming days the Anvilbreakers slowly grew to trust their hulking metal guest, eventually sending him with several envoys to meet again with ranking members of the Hammerfists to determine if any treachery had taken place and hopefully to mend the tenuous strands of their alliance. It was here that Ferrum first met his physical creator - Bigbi Hammerfist. The two were seemingly allies the moment they met, and indeed even Bigbi's closest clanmates cannot recall a time they'd seen him more excited than upon first seeing his own creation moving about. After a very long, tense and then drunken debate both clans determined that neither one was at fault for the strange occurrence of a statue randomly coming to life and the alliance was completely restored in earnest.

Since the time of his awakening Ferrum has sought an explanation to his existence and how he came to be. He often travels with his dwarven allies fighting for those that need defending and seeking answers, but to date none have been found. Was it some inadvertent bit of dwarven crafting magic? the fancy of a passing wizard or bored deity? was he brought to life by some random surge of wild magic or perhaps did the combination of elements in his forging react perfectly to ignite a spark of life? so far, none can say...

How I started Fighting

I am a long time Tabletop/RPG gamer, and when a Friend I had from those hobbies invited me out I gave it a shot. I fell in love with the sport almost instantly as it combines several of my interests into one great activity; spending time outdoors, fitness, martial arts, history and . . . being a bit of a nerd all rolled in to one, who could say no to that?

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