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Fighter Information

Name: Ferrum
Actual Name: Andrew
Gender: Male
Race: Construct / Living Statue
Realm: Abraxas
Realm Rank: Member
Unit: N/A
Primary Fighting Style: Sword & Shield, Spear
Handedness: Right
House: N/A
Fighting Since: August 2019

Other Information


Events Attended

Okfest 2019


Originally a simple statue in the likeness of a much larger than normal warrior with stout dwarven features, made of the strongest metal alloys the fine craftsmen of clan Hammerfist could produce. The statue was primarily forged by BIGBI as an offering to a former rival clan - the Anvilbreakers. As a symbol of their new alliance they displayed the statue in their great hall. After several years, for reasons seemingly unknown the statue one day awoke fully sentient but devoid of purpose. Naturally this caused a stir among the Dwarves of clan Anvilbreaker who immediately shouted of treachery from the Hammerfists and attacked the Construct. Corned and confused the being who would be Ferrum fought back and held off several of the clans warriors. it was

How I started Fighting

I am a long time Tabletop/RPG gamer, and when a Friend I had from those hobbies invited me out I gave it a shot. I fell in love with the sport almost instantly as it combines several of my interests into one great activity; spending time outdoors, fitness, martial arts, history and . . . being a bit of a nerd all rolled in to one, who could say no to that?

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