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Photo of the Elite Bloodfalcons at Beltane 2017


Unit History

Long ago when Dur-Demarion was ruled by the Duke of Darkpine, a group of soldiers sworn to defend the throne began to breed a new kind of warrior. A warrior far more skilled in the art of war than any other man in the realm of Dur-Demarion. Just as this new breed of soldier began to make its claim to glory, a great war came and the throne fell. These Warriors lay dormant for years. Waiting until the time was right to rise from the ashes of the Great War.

After many years, the surviving brothers stood again and began to rebuild their kind from the likes of men with the potential to dominate the fields in any and all kingdoms that dared to let them. With the new beginning the names of Ivan Darkspear, Lord Onyx, Rand'althor and Rache' Kallmirsson of the Renshai rose as quickly as did the legend of their prowess in battle. Now there are over thirty of these mighty warriors in the realms of the world, where as in the beginning there were only four of these ......ELITE BLOODFALCONS. Now as the evolution continues there are rumors of experiments being performed on and with these Elite fighters, see the The Galin Project and coming soon the The Usal Project previously known as the Nemesis Project.

The EBF is also part of the larger unit known as the Triad, along with Brotherhood of the Falcon and Dark Angels combining the units into the Triad brings together the most talented fighters and party animals in the sport of foam fighting under one name.

... and Achilles is a Hufflepuff...


The double-headed falcon is part of the unit's standard

Full Members of the Unit

This list is in order of test date, per the Official EBF list.


The EBF have a number of fighters pledging to the Unit, called ABF. ABF stands for Almost Bloodfalcons. The numbers and membership of the ABF is also fluctuating.
Current ABF


This list in as close to the order in which the members were made Honorary EBF members. Some dates are missing so it cannot be perfect.

For More Information

Direct all inquiries to Lord Onyx at onyxebf@gmail.com

Photo Gallery

Elite Blood Falcons at Beltaine, 200X.
EBF 4 Life
EBF at Beltaine 2006
EBF at Beltaine 2017
EBF at Chaos Wars 20
EBF at Highlands of Chaos Opener(?)
EBF at Thawl Brawl(?) 2017
Sir Shrew and Sir Galin at Beltaine 2017. Photo by Angel of Dur-Demarion
Sir Galin, Warlord of the North with his army of EBF and Friends at Beltaine 2017
EBF and Friends at Beltaine 2017.
Badger at Beltaine 2017.
Sir Galin and Badger at Beltaine 2017.
Dragoon Locutus at Beltaine 2017.
Sir Chimera and Shiro at Beltaine 2017
Sir Chimera and Shiro at Beltaine 2017
Warlord Elwrath at Highlands of Chaos Opener 2017
EBF and Friend(Sir Mel) at BftR 2017
EBF at BftR 2017
Sir Galine and Elwarth fighting Shy in his Khadine Crossroads at BftR 2017
Elite Bloodfalcons and ABF celebrating Victory in the 10 Man Turney at Chaos Wars 21. Photo by Guelyl.
Elite Bloodfalcons and ABF at Battle for the Ring X (2018). Photo by Jeskah.
Kobe at Battle for the Ring X (2018). Photo by MiniWheat Photography
Elite Bloodfalcons and ABF at Chaos Wars XXII
Elite Bloodfalcons and ABF at Chaos Wars XXII
Elite Bloodfalcons and ABF at Ocktoberfest 2018. Photo by M.Burlew
Elite Bloodfalcons and ABF at Battle for the Ring 2019
Elite Bloodfalcons and ABF at Battle for the Ring 2019
Elite Bloodfalcons and ABF at Fools Raid 2019. Photo by E$
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