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Chaos Wars 18 was held at Indian Springs Resort, in American Falls Idaho. The event made its return to this site July 21 to 27, 2014. This event was officially hosted by the Dragoons with other volunteer coordinators rounding out the staff for event. Sir Shino served as the head coordinator and was assisted by Sir Ralimar (volunteer coordinator), Aizen (Head Herald), Sir Kurgan and Sir Aphex (Nightlife Coordinators) and Juniper Wynd (Merchant Coordinator). Plix, Raziel, and Sir Plithut served as heads of weapon check throughout the week.

Chaos Wars 18: The Golden Age, was the 18th installment of Belegarth's only 8 day gathering.

The Banner Competition

The Chaos Banner was decided by a puzzle based treasure hunt designed by Sir Ralimar. Teams were awarded map sections by fielding at scenario battles a minimum number of members (75% of their total registered team). Volunteer opportunities offered clue tokens that coincided with symbols on the map pieces and could be obtained throughout the week. Random clues were also hidden in plain site throughout the camp and on display at official nightlife events. The Banner Quest was designed so that both a team or even a dedicated individual could win the banner by discovering the location of the Banner Totem - a brass bell- that when brought to Ralimar, won the Banner.

The location of the bell was deduced by a team of God Squad members at 2:20am Saturday morning.


Tournaments were held from Tuesday through Saturday with most days containing 2-3 tournaments. Thursday and Saturday each contained 4 tournaments.

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