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==Emerald May==
[[File:Emerald may 2.jpg|55.1 KB|right|thumb|]]
[[File:Emerald may 1.jpg|164.1 KB|right|thumb]]
'''Other Titles:'''
'''Race:''' [[Viking]]
'''Realm:''' [[Nan Belegorn]]
'''Other Affiliations:''' House Valkyries
Emerald May is a viking of Irish and Nordic heritage. She is still discovering her story but is finding more out about herself each and everyday.
In the works
'''Weapons of Choice:'''[[sword and board]], [[spear]], [[Min Red]]
'''Fighting Since:''' Fall [[2014]]
'''Events Attended:'''
*Oktoberfest 2015
*Tir Asleen Halloween 2014
*Melcaorme 2016
*Bear Brawl 2016
*Wreck The Halls 2016

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