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During the year there are several annual events held through out Belegarth. Events are gatherings of people from different realms who get together to fight and socialize for a weekend or a week, in the case of Armageddon and Chaos Wars. In the spirit of simplicity, the events here are divided into Eastern and Western.

*Please list date and location next to event name, list details within event link. If there is no event link, check the National Belegarth boards here for more information.

Eastern Events

  • Spring War 2014 - April 23rd-26th, 2015: YMCA Camp Abe Lincoln, Blue Grass, IA
  • Beltaine XXI - April 30th-May 4th, 2015: Montgomery Bell State Park, Burns, TN
  • Melcaorme Q - May 14th-17th, 2015: Tosanak Recreation Area, Marble Rock, IA
  • Armageddon XIV - June 3rd-7th, 2015: Emerald Acres Campground II, Pearl City, IL
  • Equinox XXV - September 3rd-6th, 2015: Montgomery Bell State Park, Burns, TN
  • Oktoberfest 2015 - TBA 2015: Comlara State Park, Hudson, IL

Western Events

(Non-updated western events)

  • War of Reckoning IV - February 22nd-24th, 2013: Leeds, UT
  • Highlands of Chaos Opener - March 2nd, 2013: Twin Falls, ID
  • Yestare XIV - May 16th-18th, 2014: Crystal Hot Springs, Honeyville, UT
  • Phoenix Rising V- April 19-22, 2018: San Lorenzo Park Road, King City, CA
  • Battle for the Ring - Jan 15-19, 2015: Prado Regional Park, Chino, CA
  • Second Annual Western Wars XI - May 28th-May 31st, 2015: Metzler Park, Estacada, OR


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