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[[Category:People]] [[category:People of Avalon]]
[[Category:People]] [[category:People of Avalon]]
[[image:casey.gif|thumb|She'll kick your ass.]]
'''Real Name:''' Casey Patton
'''Real Name:''' Casey Patton

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Real Name: Casey Patton

Started Fighting: 2000

Realm: Avalon

Preferred Fighting Style: Sword and Board

[edit] A lil Background

Casey was first brought out in the year 2000. She fought with the Brotherhood of the Falcon for a summer but then parted ways with the unit to join the Renegades. In the summer of 2001, all the Renegades started pursuing other interests leaving Casey to wear the sash alone. After that summer, she took a step back from fighting to give birth and raise her daughter, Harlie.

Three years later, Casey met up with Sir Winfang in the spring of 2004 who brought her back to Avalon. There she stands as the only Renegade yet again. From there, she began to squire under Sir Winfang at Armageddon 4.

Official artist of the "Belegarth Trading Cards"

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