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Madog hearaldry.gif
Cairbre at Oktoberfest 06!
In his Knights Hearaldry
Cairbre 2001

Sir Cairbre Madog The Rausumea

Realm: Sentry
Started: Fall 1997
Unit: Uruk-Hai, Iron Crown, Knights of Rausumea
Honorary or Former titles/Units: Jarl of Rausumea, Av Rausumea, MacThomas Honorary member, Clan WolfCaller brother to Storm, Former Honorary member of WolfGuard, Warrior of the Red Axe, Former High Priest of Balzac, Former Chieftain of Rausumea, Barron of Pentwyvern.
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Cairbre's Knights heraldry is Gold on a Burgundy red split in the middle. The left hand side is gold checkers on the burgundy, and the right side is 3 crossed golden swords on the burgundy. The Gold and burgundy checkers represent his former Jarlship, and the golden swords are in memory of his endurance under his household, and knighting trials, both taking place at time when possibly he was at his peek fighting ability.

For the Uruk-hai he uses a more conforming heraldry which currently consists of a checkered red and black base. In the upper Left area is a set of black swords and six roses which is the Rausumea standard, it represents his family that he is part of and has traditionally been his heraldry before joining the Uruk-Hai, and officially settling for a symbol. In the upper right block is the Uruk-Hai standard which he cheerfully refers to as 'Chompy' . In the lower left corner is the symbol of the Kingdom from which he was granted knighthood Gwynedd, the symbol is a red dragon on a white flag. The forth corner the lower right is red and is currently left in reserve for the order of golden rose which will become officially into existence as an order of knighthood in the near future, when Cairbre's first squire finishes completing his trials and duties.

Character History (roleplay):

The character history of Cairbre is pretty long and drawn out. Their are many stories he is part of. Many will be added here in the future but some must be linked too. (put it this way I am too busy doing everything else I need / want to be doing if you want to read the history of my character well PM me on the Belegarth board and I will shoot some stuff your way).

History (real life):

Kurtis Kiesel started sword fighting in 1994 with a group of highschool students but did not even know about foamfighting until the Fall 1997.

For 2 years he was a paid member of Avalon: 1998 - 2000. At the same time In Pittsburgh and helped the realm of Angaron grow a little for 2 years while he commuted to Ohio and Pennsylvania sometimes 2x a week until he graduated in March of 2001. Durring that time Rausumea really took off with Rausumea Campouts which he ran with help.

Events attended: Oktoberfest 06, Midsummer Slaughter 06, Armageddon V, Spring War 06, Wolfpack Opener 06, Oktoberfest 05, Oktoberfest 04, & Armageddon I.

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