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Real name: Jacob Wingert

Fighting since: Fall 2005.

Realm: Khador.

Unit: Clan of the Hydra.

Fighting style: Standard sword and board. Occasionally spear and florentine.

Titles: Premier of Khador.

Subaltern of Clan of the Hydra.

Retainer for Sir Beauregaurd.

Owner of the big stinky hockey gloves.

Event list:

Events Attended 2006

Events Attended 2007

Events Attended 2008

Events Attended 2009

Dag Events Attended

  • 2008 Olympics
  • 2008 Midwestern Grill n Kill
  • 2008 Rag (it fucking sucked)
  • 2008 Here There Be Dragons
  • 2009 Olympics
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Salamander is helping me dust off the floor.
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