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Real name:  Jacob Wingert aka Mr. Smelly Pants
Real name:  Jacob Wingert
Realm:  [[Khador]]
Realm:  [[Khador]]

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Real name: Jacob Wingert

Realm: Khador

Unit: Clan of the Hydra

Fighting styles:


Where have I seen this chump?

Wolfpack Opener 07,08,09,10

Spring Wars 07,08,09,10

Beltaine 09

Melcaorme 07,08

Geddon 06,08,09,10

Summer Wars 08,09

Equinox 08

Okfest 06,07,08,09

And a ton of minis.

File:N784507224 1276243 7283.jpg
Salamander is helping me dust off the floor.
Spring Wars 2010
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