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Amidst the world there are many races, one being that of the Orc. Unlike the Goblin many believed that there was only one type of Orc to the many Goblins (Night, Blood, Mech, Sand, Etc.). Recently this has proved to be untrue; a new form of Orc is beginning to emerge.

This new breed known as Blood Orcs posses all the ferocity and gruffness of their Orcish counterparts, they are just as relentless and have the same intensity. However the Blood Orc also tries to obtain a level of finesse and agility. They have also realized that they have a brain, and are capable of using it; this enables many Blood Orcs to actually strategize and use actual tactics. It is not uncommon to spot a Blood Orc in some sort of intellectual conversation about warfare.


Race Lore


Khorne, also called the Blood God and the Lord of Skulls, is the Chaos God of Blood, War and Murder and creator of the Blood Orc. His domain covers the most basic and brutal of sentient emotions and actions, such as hate, anger, rage, war and killing. Every act of killing or murder in the material universe gives Khorne power; the more senseless and destructive, the better. However, though Khorne is the God of bloody slaughter, he is also the God of martial pride and honour, of those who set themselves against the most dangerous foes and earn victory against the odds. A Blood Orc is as likely to be an honourable champion in combat as a blood-crazed slaughterer.

Land of Brass and Blood

Blood Orc's are trained in the Land of Brass and Blood. Its a land unlike any other. Storms rage perpetually across crimson skies, sending gale-force blasts seemingly composed of pure rage whipping across the plains and mountains. These angry winds tear into the land itself and rip up great chunks of stone and blood-drenched earth, tossing them violently back down hundreds of leagues away in explosions of raw destruction. Although this is their homeland, Blood Orc's leave the Land of Brass and Blood after their training is completed to live among the Orc's.

Creation of Blood Orcs

Long ago Khorne and Gruumsh made an ancient pact, Gruumsh agreed that he would allow a number of his Orcish soldiers to fight under the banner of Khorne if, in return, this new breed of Orc were to one day fight alongside their cousin and aid the Orcs in battle.


Blood Orcs know of their connection to the Blood God, however they have little time for things of the more spiritual aspect. They do not wear the mark of Khorne and rarely will chant or pray to this god. Blood Orcs believe that having rivers filled with the blood of their enemies will pay homage enough to their chaos deity.

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Blood Orcs speak Orc and Orcish Common.

  • Orc language: Guttural, expectorant (slobbery and spitty), harsh vowels and consonants. (Sh, Kha, Cho, etc)
  • Orcish "common": Is a very simple, yet versatile tongue. Smarter races get confused easily, while the less intellegent races seem to pick it up rather quickly. To begin with, there are no separate pronouns for the first person. Me and I are the same word: Me.


Physical Apperance

Although Blood Orcs have the same bone structure and are the same average height and weight of regular ors, their outer appearance is drastically different. As opposed to the green or black hue that is common to most Orcs, Blood Orcs tend to be more of an orange or even red color, this color is where they derive their name from. Blood Orc's often have black or brown coloured eyes. Blood Orc's will often paint their lips black as an intimidation tactic.


Ork icon.png

Blood Orcs enjoy accessories just as much as the Orcs themselves, the favored accessory being war flags or battle flags worn on one or both hips; bits of bone, shiny doodads, whole skulls of their enemies, scalps, braids, hides, sashes and personal banners are other things that may be common on the clothing of a Blood Orc.

Blood Orc's will commonly wear a Chompie on a belt flag to symbolize their race, like other Orc's.

Blood Orcs will also wear a certain color set: Grey, Maroon, Brown, Black, and the Darkest greens all seem to be colors that Blood Orcs are commonly seen wearing. Blue is very uncommon on the body of any Orc, especially Blood Orc's. Ocher is a common colour among other Orc's, but is rare on Blood Orc's as they believe it is too bright of a colour.

Blood Orcs commonly wear chain mail and plate armour during battle.

Female Blood Orc's, when not in battle, are scantly clad. During battle, they are just as armed and decorated as male Blood Orc's.

Because of their love for war, Blood Orc's often wear their belt with war braids, belt flags, hides, sashes, and pouches on and off the battle field.

Blood Orcs despise loose fitting clothing and prefer form fitting clothing so they don't get tangled in their own clothing during battle.

Blood Orc Trivia

  • When not in battle, Blood Orc's are seen sparring and forever training in their fighting style.
  • Blood Orc's will never turn down a challenge and are extremely competitive. This includes consuming alcohol.
  • Much like the other Orc's, Blood Orc's are very intelligent but don't mind if you think they're stupid.
  • Blood Orc's partake in some intense and sometimes painful mating rituals which often involve whips, chains, and sometimes their weapons.
  • Most Blood Orc's are infertile, which means mating is purely recreational. This explains why Blood Orc's are a rare race.
  • Blood Orc's typically fight in a florentine style and sometimes use buckler's or backshields.

Known Blood Orcs

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