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          <rev xml:space="preserve">[[Category:People]]
After traveling most of his life, in 2011 Sean eventually came to live in Carpentersville, IL. Upon getting mildly situated, he realized he wanted to meet more people with similar interests, start working with leather again, and find an activity that promoted multiple interests of his. After previously fighting in the SCA for tiny periods here and there, he found a similar sport and group... Belegarth. After speaking with Kronos of Kult of Athena, he found Wing Park and after a little initial sparring with [[Big Jimmy]]... realized that this was something that was up his alley. Of course, he was then prompted to find a fighting name.

Perusing through historical documents, images, fluff, etc, Sean came upon the idea that he wanted to represent his Irish heritage within his name and garb. Unfortunately Irish history is intermingled with Viking and English history as well. He sifted through the intrawebz and realized that heritage + current history and philosophy within his own existence = Raven. The meaning behind Ravens in all cultures was ideal and could be represented within garb and character. Unfortunately the name Raven was taken over and over again, so he came up with Reafan. After attending his first event though... when people became drunk, they kept mistaking his name as Rapin (Raping)... *sigh* So, he tells people to call him Gear, which is mainly a [[Dunharrow]] inside joke.

More to come soon... sleepy...</rev>
      <page pageid="4482" ns="0" title="Realla">
          <rev xml:space="preserve">'''Real name:''' Josie&lt;br&gt;
'''Realm:''' Dunharrow&lt;br&gt;
'''Unit:''' Guardsmen of [[House Dregoth]] &lt;br&gt;
'''Weapons of Choice:''' [[Sword and Board]], [[Florentine]]&lt;br&gt;
'''Started Fighting:''' 2005&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;