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Fighting Since: 2008

Real Name: Martin Estridge

Realm: Currently Shadowdale, Formerly Shannara

History: In March of 2008 Martin Estridge met Kallen Bracha in their introduction to agriculture class. After finding that they both held a love for Dungeons & Dragons, among other things, Kallen informed Martin of Belegarth. After Kallen described Belegarth Martin's interest had been sparked.

Three months later, during early summer when scholastic performance was no longer a concern, Martin traveled to the Twin Fals city park to attend his first Shannara practice. After getting educated in the rules by Katsu and Hendell, Dante started fighting, and he loved every second. Over the course of the next three years Dante fought alongside his fellow Shannarans, but no matter how much he fought he never seemed to get better.

After putting up with the bullying of That Guy for an entire season Dante decided he'd take a break from Belegarth, at least until the season ended. But put under pressure to complete his required senior research project Martin quickly decided to do it on the thing he loved to do the most, Belegarth. After asking Hendell to be his senior mentor Dante also requested citizenship into the realm of Shadowdale, which Hendell also allowed.

Now Dante trains every week with Hendell and any other member of the realm who comes around that week, also bringing along his friend Vincent todd (dubbed by friends as "Frodo"), field name Arcaus, these two look forward to a bright future in the sport.

Events Attended:

Highlands of Chaos opener 09, 10, 11

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