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Me at Octoberfest 2008

Name: High Marshall Amaranth the Never-Fading of the Realm of Thunder Guard, Commander of the Tyro Division.

Actual Name: Kevin

Gender: Male

Realm: Thunder Guard

Fighting Style: Sword & Buckler

Unit: Neutral

Kevin helped to create the realm of Thunder Guard in April of 2006. Amaranth joined the realm in November of 2007, unknown to everyone else and created The Halfling Division the Spring of 2008, renaming it The Tyro Division the Spring of 2009.

Back Story:

Do you know what happens when you die? I do. I've seen it so many times, so why shouldn't I? Do you know what it's like to have cold steel slide through you chest? To feel the numbness take your body? To hear your heart beat for the last time, or so you hope. I am cursed, a spirit trapped in an immortal coil. It is my prison for a crime I committed too long ago to remember and have repented for countless times. Perhaps eons ago I was an evil twisted thing, but time has a way of calming even the most violent of souls. Eventually everyone learns that a good deed done is a good deed earned, and perhaps that is what has happened in helping that Nephilim. He wished to return to his celestial realm to seek vengeance, or some such non-sense, and I offered to help him. After a few eons you pick up a few tricks. I helped him open the gate and before he left he told me there was a place known as Thunder Guard not far from where we were. He told me I may be rewarded there for my kindness to him. I made my way to this place and before setting foot within it I used the influence I had managed to exert on my immortal prison over the millennia to take the shape of the Nephilim. I posed as him for several months before revealing myself to the council of the realm. With much surprise they welcomed me into the fold as I had totally taken the place of the Nephilim. I am Amaranth and I am Never-Fading.

                               The Insignia of Amaranth
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